Take a peak, if you dare.

Oh hi there, my name is Colin. I'm a college kid that has social anxiety in large groups. I'm great at one on one though. I love to read so I more than welcome suggestions and I will try my best to give one back. I am an open book so if there are any questions you ever have, don't be afraid to ask. I will never post without consent. On to the fun part.

On here you can pretty much expect anything ranging from Harry Potter, Doctor Who, and Supernatural to things like cars, science, and video games. I don't like limiting myself to any one thing, because what is the point? I'll never post anything NSFW, I'm not that kind of guy. I might occasionally post a picture of my self, like my profile picture. I also plan on taking lots of pictures of nature because it is awe-striking.
My life ambition is to simply help the world in any way I can.